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Hard Rock On My Mind

I don’t headbang. I’m too old for that. I regularly get up with a crick in the neck just from sleeping, and I shudder to think what all that headbanging would do to my neck. But, mentally and in my mind, it’s a different thing. And I think I understand what makes some people want to headbang.

Classics like ‘Highway Star’ or ‘Smoke on the Water’ by Deep Purple automatically make my head bob up and down, a tuai version of headbanging, I suppose. My air guitar immediately comes into my hands as Ritchie Blackmore’s lead guitar announces ‘Smoke on the Water’, quickly accompanied by Nick Simper’s bass. By the time Ian Paice’s drums get into the act, I have become Deep Purple, alternating between Blackmore, Simper, Paice and Jon Lord on his organ. At least in my mind. Even if I’m driving, my fingers play the guitar riffs, and I’m lost to the world. David Gilmour’s guitar riff on ‘Another Brick In The Wall Part II’, the great Eric Clapton’s ‘Wonderful Tonight’, the one and only Mark Knopffler’s unique and unmistakable guitar riffs on ‘Sultans of Swing’, etc. with Dire Straits as well as his solo albums, especially his collaboration with country great Chet Atkins, and so many other greats make life so much more worth living. Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, AC/DC, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Black Sabbath, CCR and all the other ‘real’ great bands, to me, still represent real music, real rock. Now most of what we get to hear are synthesized, artificial, studio-produced music, masquerading as rock. Some of them are OK, even good, but I wonder if anyone will remember them 10 years down the line. Though some of the new kids on the block, like Greenday, are really good, especially their latest ‘American Idiot’ of which ‘Boulevard of Broken Dreams’, to me, is already a classic.

Strangely, I find all these ‘hard’ stuff really relaxing – specially after a hard days’ work. There’s nothing like coming home, relaxing, with good friends for company, drinks in hand, Deep Purple on the stereo…. The only problem is that it’s mostly the other way round now. I suppose all my good friends have become mellow, and if at all there is music on the stereo, it is turned down so low that you have to strain your ears to even make out what’s playing. Unless the mood takes, and everyone’s bopping around to ‘Aw di, ka ngai em che’. But that’s another story for some other time.



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  1. Aw di, ka ngai em che eh hihi. Gotta agree that all this contemporary synthesised muzak is b-o-r-i-n-g. Nothing like the old-time greats. I’ve always loved Free Bird especially. But I don’t like listening to it all the time…just once in a while when the setting’s perfect for a major trip down memory lane. What do you think of the new Eagles offering btw?

  2. ruolngulworld said:

    Hey, ‘aw di, ka ngai em che’ is an old Hmar love song set to a sort of disco beat and is THE theme music for our Sikpuiruoi music nights in Delhi. Everybody, and I mean EVERYBODY including our pastors, get up to shake their legs once the song starts. The song has become a sort of tradition at the Delhi Sikpuiruoi. I remember Pu C.Dinthanga and Pu Buatsaia (Aizawl Post) matching steps with everyone in front of the stage in 2005 when they came over for the Delhi Sikpuiruoi. It was one of the best Sikpuiruoi and Pu Dina scored a big hit with his ‘LM min ngaidam rawh’ which he sang on stage with Roselyn. We also had a special night singing his and Pu Keivom’s compositions over dinner and drinks at a friend’s the next evening. Pu Keivom on the guitars, everyone singing in perfect harmony, the companionship of good friends……. aah, memories are made of these……
    I used to love the Eagles and still listen to them once in a while but still haven’t been able to lay a hand on their new album. I’ve read some good comments on the new songs from fans and listened to their single from the album on youtube which was OK. I think I need to listen to the whole album to give an opinion. Soon, I hope.

  3. How nostalgic! O Di, ka ngai em che is unbeatable. This is a song which blends all feelings and cultures. Oh, the Eagles, I loved to listen to them but it’s been many years since I have not been able to find time to listen to these records which I still treasure them safely in my cabin. LK

  4. this by far is one of the best entry in your blog 🙂

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