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More Than Words

I’m still experimenting and learning how to upload pictures. So, here are some pictures. Hope they load better than last time. (Damn, they are all blurry and I haven’t the faintest idea how to un-blurry them 😦 But click on the pictures for a better view. Wait till I figure this thing out;) )

New Year

This is a picture I took on New Year Day 2008 during my evening walk. Its a view of the sun setting across the river Tama, signifying the end of the first day of 2008 in Tokyo. The Tama river marks the boundary between Tokyo and Kawasaki and is just 8-10 minutes walk from where we live.

my kids

That’s Esther, my beautiful daughter, typing, as Andrew, my handsome son, looks on. Am so proud of these two beautiful kids. More below.


Here are some more with my girls:

my galsmy girls 2

Here’s our car and our apartment on the top floor. The third pic is inside our ‘tatami’ room – that’s our wedding pic and various mementos ; Mozambican painting (left) leaning tower of Pisa, etc.:


Here are places I go jogging on weekends:

jog 1jog 2

That’s all for now folks, ‘cept for one more below. Though I’ve known her for about five months now, we have never spoken. I pass her by every morning and look at her and wonder whether she’s smiling or pining. I sometimes see her looking sad and frail and lonely. And then, some days, she seems to be smiling and about to burst our laughing……… πŸ™‚



Comments on: "More Than Words" (4)

  1. Great pics. You have a beautiful wife and lovely kids. About the blurriness, maybe your pics are a little too large. Try resizing them a bit. Might help, might not. I’m not familiar with your temp so I can’t say really. Love your Mozambican painting. Haven’t seen a lot of African art but the few I’ve see I really love. About the lady in the picture, I used to have a poster of Kim Wilde on my walls years ago and her expression seemed to change just like you say. Sometimes she’d look happy, sometimes sad and wistful and the few times I felt I looked pretty good she seemed to look daggers at me!

  2. ruolngulworld said:

    hey J, dont know if you’ll see this but just thought i’d add sthing abt the lady whose expression seems to change – she’ss no longer there 😦 i passed by the other day and it seems the company’s gone bankrupt and abandoned the whole bldg cause the hoarding’s been stripped off and there’s a kind of ‘for rent’ sign there. 😦

  3. Hello J, The first picture is really nice. Even better are your kids. They have become almost Japanese – in looks at lest πŸ™‚

    Nice to see you still have time to write.

  4. ruolngulworld said:

    Thanks Nahai. Great site you have there (Inpui.Com), btw. You may not know it, but I am a regular visitor. Keep it up.

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