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My Valentine


the beginning ….. or the end?

We didn’t have Valentine’s Days during my ‘courting’ days and I have never celebrated Valentine’s Day. But we all had our ‘Valentines’ though we might have called them by different names ( ‘D’ used to be much in vogue along with its variations like ‘Di-te’ 🙂 ). Anyway, woke up this morning and on opening the newspaper realised that its Valentine’s Day and though this should be a good day to post some pictures of my very own beautiful valentine.
party pretty in blue  

…. years later, with Pu Dina, Sikpuiruoi Delhi Dec 2005


Comments on: "My Valentine" (2)

  1. hehe… Happy Valentine’s Day Pu Chaotic. Your “valentine” is very pretty.

  2. What a lovely bride your wife makes. I see you snapped up a real winner there. Pity it looks like you were a bit rushed for time when you made this post otherwise you could’ve go on writing about how after 15/20 odd years later she’s still your Valentine etc in that inimitable style of yours, Plats

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