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Smokeless in Tokyo

I have decided to stop smoking, again. For the umpteenth time. The last time was about six months back. It lasted about a month. But the temptation became too much – especially after a good meal and with a wife like mine who is such a good cook that every meal is a class in itself, the temptation to prolong the enjoyment with a few after-meal puffs was just too much.

But the world is becoming increasingly smaller and smaller for confirmed smokaholics like me. With everyone, including the Government, doing their best to stop or at least restrict us, I figured I might as well give in, surrender to the inevitable, make my family happy, use the money saved for more useful things, live a more healthy life, etc.

So, this morning I smoked my last one. As I stubbed it out, I melo-dramatically thought of keeping the stub as a kind of souvenir – a reminder of when I used to smoke 🙂 It’s still there, across the table, in the ashtray which I will no longer need, hopefully. 


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