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I have been running, whenever I can, depending on the time and place, for a little over 10 years now. It is perhaps the only good habit I’ve developed over the years.  I love running, or more precisely, jogging. A blog I recently read (here) pretty much describes the feeling, though I would have put it a little differently 😉

It has become so much a part of my normal routine that I feel lost and incomplete on days when, because of work or some other reason, I am unable to go for my daily jog. When I first started, I would get up early and jog in the morning before going to office.  But now, I find it easier and more relaxing to jog in the evening, after office. I also recently realized that this a more efficient use of time because, once I reach home from office in the evening, there is always a gap of an hour or so before dinner during which, if I don’t go jog, I would just be lazing around watching TV or wasting even more time on the internet, plus, I get a few more hours of sleep in the morning. I now jog only occasionally in the morning on weekends, when the mind is more relaxed, knowing that the whole day is yours.

Another thing I love about running is being able to actually participate in actual races. I am extremely proud to say that I have participated in six (six!!) real, organized, races. Proud, because I have never ever been the sporty type, and to be able to actually race with younger and fitter guys than me at this age is a huge thing for me. I started with the Tokyo Marathon in 2010 (a dream realised) and 2011. Then we moved to Vietnam and I have since participated in the Song Hong Half Marathon 2011 and 2012 as well as the Hanoi Moi Run 2011 and 2012. No, I did not win any of those races. But I managed to finish in all, and not in last either 😉

My daily route takes me from P2 Tower, our apartment building in Ciputra, to the roundabout near the Post Office/E4/E5 Towers, and back, a distance of about 4 km. To put this into perspective for friends back home, let me just say that the distance from Sielmat ‘field’ to Muolvaiphei ‘field’ is just over 2.2 km and Sielmat to Saidan just over 3.3 km and, in Delhi, Priya Cinema to Sector 3, RK Puram (Pu Vunga’s residence) almost exactly 3 km. 😉

The first 2-3 minutes are to die for, as you feel the wind against your face and your feet start to get into their rhythm, and you feel energized and the day’s troubles and worries fade away as you start to concentrate on the run ahead. The next 4-5 minutes are always the hardest when the physical exertion hits you and you start getting a little out of breath. Then, before you know it, you are into your rhythm and almost before you know it you are past the halfway mark and heading back home.

After ‘meeting Abraham’ (meeting abraham-2) and just before the Song Hong Half Marathon last December, I had more or less decided to ‘retire’ from running. The recurrent thought that passed through my mind at that stage was that I had, through God’s grace, been able to actually fulfill my dream of participating in several actual races and, having now crossed 50 years, I should now concentrate more on walking or cycling, at the most. It was actually in that frame of mind that I took part in the race. I even became a little nostalgic, thinking that this would be my last actual race/competition.

But the next day saw me more than eager to continue my ‘run’ and now, after more than a month since the race, except for about 2 weeks in the New Year when I simply didn’t have the time because of work; I am happily back into my daily (or at least 5 days a week) runs. And thinking of this year’s Hanoi Moi Run and Song Hong Half Marathon. 


Comments on: "Keep On Running" (13)

  1. Nixon Joseph said:

    John San, well written and inspiring. Continue the jogging habit and take part in more races.

    • ruolngulworld said:

      Nixon San, thanks for the encouragement and visiting. You are an inspiration and I wish I could run marathons like you.

  2. Pa John, I don’t know why i always like your post..its inspiring!! And you jogging? keep up the good habit, from a medical perspective you are fit, strong- mentally and physically and no doubt healthy..i wish you live a thousand years.. 😉

  3. One more thing..why not use this code “” (Read more of this post) in your every post maybe after the first paragraph..so that i can see the other previous post easily without me having to scroll through every post..imagine me, my mouse is without scroll B-)

    • (Read more of this post)in my previous comment the code is gone maybe hidden..
      just in case u like my suggestion, use this code without any space saperating them..no space between the symbols or the ‘abc’ (hihi) 😀

  4. I absolutely know what you’re talking about in the last para. Have been playing basketball now for almost 16 years and it’s more than just the physical exercise and the health benefits. It’s the sense of freedom from your past or future and living for only the moment that is so refreshing and rewarding. You come out of it with a clearer head and a calm confidence to take on the world. Love the write-up and inspires me to keep playing.

  5. This is nice. I don’t run or play…I walk a lot. I love a good walk, it’s like spring cleaning the mind 🙂

  6. ruolngulworld said:

    thanks jonathan, sanga and purplepyjamas for your visit and kind comments. yes, purplepyjamas, it really is like spring cleaning the mind (nicely put) – and you can do it every day 😉

  7. great post, I enjoyed it- thanks for commenting on my page.

  8. I so envy you! I have stopped running for the past 6 years now, and I am just half your age! 🙂 😛 But on a serious note, you’ve become my inspiration and I need to start getting back into shape.

    • ruolngulworld said:

      half my age?! now you’re making me feel old 😦 anyway, you still have time. i only started at 40. let’s see, that means you still have another 15 years before you need to start jogging 😛
      thanks for visiting 🙂

  9. Mang Buhril said:

    wow, love the comparison between sielmat field and muolvaiphei field, is it only 2.2 kms. I have started running in the morning a few months back. The night running is definitely a good option and a better utilization of time spent on internet or tv. Will try to emulate you, may be run comfortably 4 kms at a go by the year end.

    • ruolngulworld said:

      Thanks for visiting Mang. The comparative distances given in the post are from Google Map and I presume they are accurate. 🙂

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