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‘These are the dreams we must savor…..memories are made of these’

Over the years we’ve collected thousands of photographs – ‘real’ photographs, that is. The type we used to get printed and then save in photo albums (remember those?) to be savored and passed around for a few days before being dumped in some corner. Forgotten until, in our case, we stumble upon them when we have to pack and move again. It’s been quite a few years since we too ‘digitalized’ our memories which made for easier storage but in many ways they will never replace ‘real’ photos nicely arranged in albums which you can touch and feel.

Perhaps it was the fact that our thoughts and memories always turn back to family and friends back home on special occasions like this Good Friday and Easter weekend that made us rummage through our garbage storeroom to find the carton (weighing 15 kgs – yes, I weighed it :)) where we keep all our photographs and albums. And so, my wife and I spent this Easter weekend refreshing memories and contemplating the more than two decades we’ve spent together, digitalizing our past contained in the photographs the only way we know how – photographing the photos and saving them on to our computer.

With our Silver Jubilee coming up next year, it made me think of the life journey that we’ve been through. With God’s Grace, we’ve had a blessed and wonderful life. We’ve had our ups and our downs but God has guided us this far and I know He will continue to be there throughout the rest of our journey.

It has been an exciting and exhilarating journey which I will be sharing through some of the photos that we saved this weekend. If I can upload them properly, that is 🙂

So here goes……

Isn't she lovely....

Isn’t she lovely….

Sorry, maybe it’s me, maybe it’s the internet, I don’t know, but after trying for the past half an hour, I’ve only managed this one photo with ‘error’ messages coming up for all the other images. But since I’ve come this far, I’ll post it anyway and try to upload more images later.

Or, maybe, this is WordPress telling me ‘Enough already. With a bombshell like that why do you need to upload more?’ 🙂

As promised, here are more photos:

_IGP5392 (2)

on 'honeymoon' - the day after

on ‘honeymoon’ – the day after

Andrew - Morocco 1990

Andrew – Morocco 1990


Esther – Delhi 1994

Andrew & Esther 0- at home in Milan

Andrew & Esther 0- at home in Milan

Family trip to Venice
Family trip to Venice

Andrew & Esther in Vatican - St. Peter's Square

Andrew & Esther in Vatican – St. Peter’s Square

In front of Duomo, Milano

In front of Duomo, Milano

Andrew's 2nd birthday - Morocco

Andrew’s 2nd birthday – Morocco

Casablanca - 1992 Berber tribesmen

Casablanca – 1992 Berber tribesmen

Leaning Tower of Pisa

Leaning Tower of Pisa

Maputo, Mozambique

Maputo, Mozambique

Nelspruit, South Africa

Nelspruit, South Africa

Big shoes in Swaziland

Big shoes in Swaziland

Young man in Milan

Young man in Milan

Young lady in traditional dress

Young lady in traditional dress



Adeus Mozambique - Maputo airport

Adeus Mozambique – Maputo airport

Bologna, Italia

Bologna, Italia

Finally (for now) - that happy day in June 1989

Finally (for now) – that happy day in June 1989




Comments on: "Memories" (8)

  1. One good post after a long time.. 😀
    God bless you Pa John and Nu Kim- – -“Silver Jubilee” 😉 next year yaaaaaaaa..

    btw the pic looks 70s to me..am i right? She is beautiful..no doubt about it..but not like my “IJASSDIE” 😉 heheheee

  2. A bomb shell indeed. You are very lucky and deeply blessed, your pictures speak volumes about it. And where may i ask are you moving to now?

  3. ruolngulworld said:

    thank you ‘die’ 😉 the ‘pic’ is 80s, not 70s. do you really think we are that old? 😛
    thanks zakk. yes, i’m lucky and really blessed. and we aren’t moving for another year and a half at least.

    • I was wondering if you knew my uncle Laldingliana he’s a retired IFS? And P.s I was hoping to see you in some kick ass bell-bottom pants 🙂

      • ruolngulworld said:

        yes, of course i know pu laldingliana. spoke to him a few times when he was in venezuela but never had the honour of meeting him in person. he’s now the information commissioner in mizoram? and i do have some bell bottom photos, though i doubt they were kick-ass 🙂 let me see if i can find it, and post it 😉

      • Yes he’s in Aizawl now. Im sure they’re kick ass, i always thought bell bottom pants were the dopest, and i’ll be watching out for the pictures hehehehe 🙂

  4. lovely pictures,lovely family 🙂

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